Staying up to date and relevant in Software Engineering

Staying up to date and relevant in Software Engineering


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Hello, everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹

In this article I am going to talk about 3 simple steps to stay up to date in ever-growing world of Technology and effectively use what we learn at work everyday.

First and foremost,

Subscribe to sources and keep learning

There are multiple learning sources out there for you to subscribe and get to know latest news and updates on Technology. Example, Twitter, you can follow tech topics/person you are interested in and have a practice to review your feed at least once a day. Other good sources are Reddit, LinkedIn, RSS feeds of your favorite websites etc.

Practice what you learn for the day

This is an optional step. Every new tech stuff you learn, everyday, practice by writing a simple program or creating a test project. This builds your confidence level of using the same at work.

Log your new learning in to spaced repetition app

Spaced repetition is a technique to make human brain remember something permanently. Essence of this technique is, if you revision what you learn periodically at a defined interval, you will remember that subject permanently. I would recommend using a spaced repetition app on your mobile phone or on a device you will have it handy. There are many different free and paid spaced repetition software available on the market, but you can build your own as well :) Now, when you learn something new and if you like to remember it forever, log it in spaced repetition app, the app will remind you to take a revision on the topic periodically, the interval gradually increases after every revision, this is called Spaced Repetition Intervals.

Try these steps and I am sure you will see the difference in staying up to date on Technology and using the same at work!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚